Holder 20

Holder 20 at Piercy Priest Yacht Club in Nashville The best feature of a Holder 20 is the way it sails. The next best feature is the lift keel to make trailering and launching easy. It only weighs 1100 lbs so it can be towed with just about any small vehicle. My Toyota has almost 300,000 miles on it and it works great as a tow vehicle.

When I travel with my Holder 20, I sleep in the side bunk. It's like having an RV that floats. The bunks are so small that I can't talk anyone else into taking trips on the Holder... Having the boat full of sails doesn't help either. Oh, and we don't have room for a potty... Holder 20 at Blue Springs Marina on Watts Bar Lake

Holder 20 at Claytor Lake in Dublin VA I keep the rigging attached for traveling and only remove the forestay to drop the mast. I attach the boom vang to the front of the trailer and the jib halyard to make raising the mast easier for one or two people. It only takes about half an hour to rig for launching.

The lift keel is great! Launching is as easy as dropping off a fishing boat. Once away from the ramp, the keel drops in place and locks. Wenching it up to load the Holder on the trailer is much harder. Holder 20 at Claytor Lake in Dublin VA

Holder 20 at Blue Springs Marina
Ready for a day at the lake. Just step aboard and we'll cast off.

Take a good look at the lift keel. A block and tackle system helps raise the keel.

Holder 20 lift Keel

Holder 20 signature model

If you have any information about the Signature Series, I'd love to hear from you.


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The best way to set up the rigging is to get it close before the launch, then do a final tuneup just before the race. The adjustable backstay is great to depower the rig in high winds. Holder 20 at Watts Bar Lake

Holder 20 at Watts Bar Lake A big upgrade was the Harken windward sheeting car. It's a big help when sailing single handed. I can adjust the jib sheet for the new tack, then adjust the traveler with a single pull on the line.

The Holder is perfect for a day at the lake with your son. Holder 20 at Watts Bar Lake

Holder 20 on the starting line The starting line is around here somewhere?

Look out! We're on port tack and charging the starting line... Holder 20 at the Horizon Yacht Club

Holder 20 at Claytor Lake in VA I took this photo on Sunday after the race. There wasn't much wind, but it was great to just sail and enjoy the day.

My Holder 20 is set up for single handing with all lines led aft to the cockpit. Holder 20

Holder 20 We're passing... Even if we did lost our air as we passed.

Watch the knotmeter! We're flying. YeHaw! Holder 20

Holder 20 The Holder is a fantastic light air boat, and it also handles high wind conditions as well.

Life doesn't get much better than this. A warm fall day, plenty of sun, cold drinks, good friends, and we took first place in our class! Holder 20

Holder 20 at the Hamilton Creek Marina in Nashville My usual sailing area is Watts Bar Lake, but I also trailer my Holder to lakes all over the Southeast. This photo was taken in Nashville at Percy Priest Lake. I also travel to Claytor lake in VA, Lake Norman in NC, Lake Lanier in GA, and lots of other lakes.

Holder 20 manual

I scanned my manual for those Holder 20 owners who don't have a copy. It's available as a PDF file, a picture (jpg format) and a Word document.